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Awning Attachments


When an awning is installed on a side wall with no overhead protection, like the eave of the building, an aluminium roof extrusion (Awning Attachments) can be fitted. This will lengthen the life of the material as well as protecting the canvas from weather and birds. جدول ونتائج الألعاب الأولمبية لعام 2022

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awning attachments costa blanca

Stabilising Arms

These robust arms can be installed on articulated arm awnings that are located in a windy location.  They give total peace of mind and clip onto the front bar when the blind is retracted or used on a still day. لعبة بينجو اون لاين

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awning stabilising arm costa blanca

Front Bar Vertical Awning

A rising or setting sun can often shine straight under the awning.  With this option fitted to the front bar of the blind the suns rays can be kept at bay and gives your awning optimum use. ربحك

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front bar vertical Awning Attachments costa blanca