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Mosquitoes – Don’t let them ruin the summer

Mosquitoes on the Costa Blanca, don’t let them take the fun out of the summer

Please use the information below to understand mosquitoes on the Costa Blanca, including their bites and how to prevent them from hanging around your home.

There are more than 3000 documented mosquito species but only a number are in Spain and the Costa Blanca.Mosquitoes on the Costa Blanca

Bites: When you are bitten by a mosquito it itches, this is because our immune system is responding to the mosquitoes saliva which they leave behind when they feed on our blood. Our body react by releasing histamines that cause the irritation of our skin and the horrible itch!

Symptoms of a mosquito bite: You may notice the itch first and a swelling around the bite area, this can also be sore and bleed and some people may suffer allergic reactions.

How long will it last?: From being bitten your symptoms are often immediate, however it can be a few hours before you even notice that a mosquito has bitten you.

Treating bites: Antihistamines can relieve itching and a cold compress or lotion from the pharmacy applied to the affected areas can ease the itch and reduce swelling.

What attracts the mosquitoes?

  1. Moisture, especially standing water sources
  2. Heat and exhaled gases like carbon-dioxide
  3. Smells such as perfumes / aftershaves, soaps and lotions

How do I keep them away?

Reduce your exposure: It may be hard in the heat but you need to keep your skin exposure to a minimum, so wearing loose, layered clothing is highly recommended. Use a reputable brand of mosquito repellent when needed. You can also replace outdoor lights with yellow bug lights.

Eliminate entry points into your home: Install mosquito blinds / screens for windows and doors, keep doors closed.

Remove breeding grounds: Get rid of any standing water in gutters, buckets or other containers. If you have point of water for things such as bird baths, make sure you change them regulary. Keep your swimming pool treated and circulating.


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